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Locksmiths Professional Approach in Sheffield

Do not try to open the lock yourself by drilling a cylinder or sticking foreign objects into a keyhole in hopes of opening a locked door. Doing so can only aggravate the situation and increase the time it takes for a professional locksmith to pick your lock, as well as entail additional costs for you to replace the lock or repair damages. Call our emergency service at any time of the day if you need to open.

Door of a house, apartment or garage without damage.

Our experienced technician can open any type of lock without damaging it, which makes it possible to still use the locks after completion of work.

Locking mechanisms closed from the inside.

A door with a locking mechanism which is closed from the inside can cause a lot of problems, we are able to find the perfect solution.

Locks after loss or theft of keys

If you lost your keys or they got stolen, our experienced technician recommend to replace the lock to prevent further inconveniences.

Mechanisms with broken key fragments stuck in a cylinder

A key broke in a cylinder should be removed only from one of our professional, just to make sure that the lock won’t be damaged.

Secure lock opening in Sheffield

By contacting 24/7 locksmith Sheffield, you can be sure that the opening of the lock will be done quickly and accurately without damaging the door structure. With the help of professional equipment, our specialists can open most locks while fully preserving integrity; they remain functional even after the completion of work.

  • Perfectly trained technicians who can work with all type of locks
  • Performance of work without any damage
  • Highest quality for affordable prices

We are locally based, and our ETA averages 25 minutes. We guarantee a prompt response to an emergency, high-quality work performance and fair prices. Our manager will be happy to answer any questions regarding lock-related issues and give advice on improving home security.


We offer to residents of Sheffield a wide range of locksmith services including locks installation, change, repair and replacement for both domestic and commercial properties. We can help you in case of a car lockout, or with duplication of auto, home and office keys.

Experienced professionals have mastered the process of key cutting. We use the latest, high-precision copy-milling devices, programmers and a number of auxiliary tools in manufacturing keys of all types. Duplicates are made only from high-quality materials. Our products are guaranteed to fit the lock, fully match the original copy of the key and serve for a long time.

Install lock in Sheffield

A correctly installed lock, door closer or handle will faithfully serve you for the entire service life specified by the manufacturer, and, most likely, much longer. Speaking of correct installation, we mean not only compliance with all technical norms and rules for each specific product, but also that the installation must be performed taking into account the characteristics of your door and the conditions of future use.

The employees of our locksmith service department are capable of handling the most complex tasks. Extensive experience gained over the years helps us to resolve any lock-related emergency professionally and efficiently. If there is a technical possibility, we can install, replace or repair:

  • Locks, handles or hinges on exterior and interior doors.
  • Door closers on high and low traffic doors.
  • Electromechanical, electromagnetic locks, intercoms, etc.

You can contact our locksmith crew by phone at 020 80595259 to replace, install or repair a lock, door closer, handles and other hardware if:

  • You are not happy with the previously installed lock and want to fit a more reliable model.
  • In doubt that you can make the right choice in the store, and need professional advice from a locksmith on the site of the future installation.
  • You do not have the means or desire to visit the workshop.

Our employees have all the necessary knowledge and experience to resolve the issue in each specific situation. You can be sure that a qualified locksmith will come to you at a scheduled time. Our main task is to promptly solve problems with locking mechanisms, taking into account all your wishes as much as possible, based on the technical requirements of the installed products, features of the doors and the premises as a whole.



From $37

  • 24 hour service
  • Low cost
  • Without damage

Lock change

From $20

  • 24 hour service
  • Without damage
  • Low cost



Our locksmith service is 24/7 available, day or night, weekend or holiday. If you have a locksmith emergency, call us right now. We are looking forward for your call and helping you.


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